Summer solstice

Revellers perform yoga as they celebrate the summer solstice on Salisbury Plain in southern England


I sense a balance on this day when going into the energy of so many people meeting peacefully in Stonehenge, 36 Thousand people,


and the region of middle east countries also working on a new balance, something we still call arab spring and something which at the moment is a deep deep kind of balancing. Breathing…….


The solstice is something we all belong to, everyone living on this so so beautiful planet, which gives us shelter, fruit, and harmony with each other, if we so chose.


Pele Report 21/05/14

Zeit zu kommunizieren, teilen, sich mit den eigenen Communities zu verbinden, gemeinsam Hände anzulegen,


Das kann ich dieser Tage und schon länger angebahnt nur bestätigen.

Mantra of the week from Kaypacho, as he calls it –

Mantra der Woche, wie es Kaypacho nennt.

“Fear wants to know, before I go,
What I’m headed for.
But when one in heart, mind, and soul,
I sail through open doors.”

(“Die Angst will es wissen, bevor ich gehe,

wohin ich gehe.

Wenn ich jedoch eins bin in Herz, Verstand und Seele,

segle ich durch offene Türen.” AM)