Gazaians in me/us/you


Have you too been facing the conflict called Gaza in this world lately?
Well, me I have, too. I always was that kind of person looking at things, sometimes into the political life, when I was younger, nowadays more within me or with the people I share with, more as a reflection.
But Gaza, and the palestine issue, I saw it, I was aware of it, I looked at it sometimes,
though this time, with the conflict between the Palestinians and the Hebrew really coming up again, it was time for me to LOOK at it now.Feel it. Smell it you could say, literally.
Some days before this young soldier was supposed to be dead, Goldin, I felt the golden realms very near.Then I heard about him and it was like a bang for me, I felt like, this is the time now, where something could change from deep within. And that he was doing a service for the whole situation. As do the ones living withIN the Gaza Strip…….
So I followed my instincts, as I have learned to do over the years – within my small conversations with god I have, they are called Dua in Islam, I was speaking about things I wish for, and was using the word “we” instead of “I”, and I had the feeling of allowance for Gaza to be part of that we now. I asked for us to be free and happy, to be at the place where we needed to be at the time, to be able to make the right choices and to know when it is the time to choose and to take action, the right actions. And so on, it changes a bit, but I did it every day, some of it more personal. The “we” also is people from my personal life, the ones I love and the ones I share with more closely. But it was beyond definition, I did not want to put a boundary to it.
And I felt the situation to be changing.
And when the young soldier was found, it felt like the israelians where ashamed, silently, that he was killed in some event and their choice had been to rant even more over the whole place.
Since then I feel changes, slow changes.
And I am aware of many many people all over the world to have similar actions within them. I’d say, many guided by their soul and by their own actions in their life to do so, to be there at the right time and not think about it.

How about that – where is this closeness within us, where we feel extremely enclosed by foreign and severe forces? Where there’s not enough of everthing we would wish to have, money, food, hospitals, doctors, fine and clean houses. Gardens for our souls. And the free choice of movement.
How about this, what does this movement around Syria and Iraq calling themselves Islamic State represent within us? Where is it related to within our very own universes? The very rare throwing of own fears, emotions into someones face? The lack of joy, deep lack of maybe everything which holds a family together, love, or a community, togetherness and growing, thriving, flowering plants and sunshine to help us live and not die.
Where to we look at each day?
I’d say it is a grand chance for all of us to let go and look ourselves into our own eyes, once more maybe, and something we can do again and again.

If you may, listen to some of my suggestions at these times:

* never underestimate what you are feeling. You might not realize it always, that it is maybe not all yours, that you are connected also, and that it might be good to not take everything personally

* allow yourself to listen to your soul – ask god to help you in that – make a choice to be able to listen, and, clearly. Your souls knowledge can help you so much to understand things. And caress at times 🙂

* not overestimate what you read and hear in the news about something. Remember, it is only such a short period in mankind, where newspapers exist and the internet spreads messages all over the planet. It is of great inspiration for all of us, to learn things and learn to discern what is true for us. And it is not everything you can know at a moment.

*take some time each day to let go. Holding on to things can be good and then the moment comes, where it can go again. Feeling very narrow within is one of the indicators I know, there’s thing within me to let go. Maybe many, maybe some, this is not a linear thing.

* allowing for someone to counsel you in a personal situation is not the badest thing. It does not take your pride, it even might enhance it, because you accept you can allow help when needed. And you accept you can change when needed.

*when you feel your mind is exploding, breathe a bit consciously for some time. A kind of letting go, and soft allowing of change, and for me a spark of “I allow change” which then is visible for everyone, as we are never separate.

Wen I heard now the Gaza Strip might soon be opened again there was a joy within me exploding. And a feeling of “now I need to let it go again”. So I did…….

Where where YOU during these last weeks?

All my love



p.s. the golden realms as I called it, some call it a dimension, I don’t really go for the dimensions concept. Some might call it part of paradise. Maybe more my style. Though for me it simply is a space within me where I sometimes go to rejuvenate and simply be ME. And it is grand and for sure beyond me also. You can go there too, maybe it just happens, when the time is right. <a Showering yourself with gold in your imagination might add to it. I feel each person comes here through birth with certain "flavours", atrributes, and some of them might mean to be connected to certain realms more than other people. To hold this frequency. Doesn't mean one can not be a soldier at the same time. Some time ago I read soldiers also are the ones who "make it right" again……….


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