Astrology for the Soul August 13, 2014

°°Wenn ich eine neue Identität gebären soll, kann,
die um so vieles größer ist als alles vorher,
und mich völlig erweitern und ausdrücken soll, kann,
muss ich Sein, Sehen und mit Mehr und Mehr und Mehr umgehen.°°

I can relate so much to what he says, well, mostly, the anger has nearly left me (hrrrr… or yesno hehe) but getting it down to the bottom and deal with it all, not only 3_D reality, leaving all these recreation centers, blablacenters and DO, create. I am into that a lot since many months. And I don’t even talk about it a lot, because talking (and writing) is so so slooooooooow, yes, feel it…………………..oh. out there, or in me, which is the same literally, everything goes so fast and fast makes it easy also, that’s what I realized. space to breathe :)))))))))))))))
have a nice week pals

“If I am to birth a new identity,
So much greater than before,
And fully expand and express myself,
I must Be, See, and Deal with more and more and more.”


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