the children and the ocean

…. there’s not many moments when I doupt actions of mine which are long gone.

This was one – when looking this video and sitting there with my little daughter –

when I was very young, I spent one month in Jamaica, visiting my jamaican penfriend and just travelling. It was the only moment I got what you would call old-fashioned marriage proposal, I rarely knew who he was, the letter was brought to me by others and the words where very polite and carefull. Calling me a lady when I would not have used that title towards me myself. I declined. It also was Jamaica where I felt I would really love to stay and study sea biology. Well, I didn’t also…….

was it wrong, was it right?


I wouldn’t be who I am, NOW.

And I truly see my life as being orchestrated by my choices, my soul, by god, and factors I can’t even put into words but feel very often. It all fits. So this is a moment to say thank you, to me and all……….that. And another moment for breathing………………….

oh how I love the oceans………………………………………..



2 thoughts on “the children and the ocean

  1. What a beautiful film. I love the oceans too – some years ago I went to Israel diving with the dolphins – it was such an incredible experience, touching my soul sooo deep. When watching this movie the rememberance came back – the feeling how it was being with these wonderful animals in their world – pure gratitude, love and joy.

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