Hello again, Hallo!

Seems sleeping time of BreathingRoom is over,

though I will change the settup a bit:


this is a blog after all, connected to all that I AM and create, and so the BreathingRoom expands into everywhere I imagine and you can do so to if you like. Breathing is very simple when done consciously, if you allow it do be that way.

My way of BreathingRoom these days is very much in the NOW moment beyond time, it feels like doing the right thing at the right moment. I have allowed all of my universe to assist me in that, means, that not always I understand right at that moment WHY I do something NOW.

Hello again, nice to meet you again and we’ll see how it will continue






p.s. as there’s so much to attend to in my life, it might be not much translation into german going on and rather short, I hope you’ enJOY some of it anyway


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