tonight :)

I thank you all taking part in this breathing room tonight,

it was beyond words,

and still so much words where changed,

through direkt talk, skype chat, skype call,

at some point or some moments it was such a beautiful melding of different ways to communicate, and to use these technical devises to make the commmunication possible!!! Today it was one from Germany, two from Romania, two from Vienna communicating directly,

and all the time, frome the beginning I knew, again, we where not alone in this space of the breathingroom…………

thank you again for everyone in this space.

It has expanded again……………

This time I felt like it is not only a space, with special characteristics like places to sit and talk,

it also included landscape, means, space of grounded earth, going quite far.

A song we all sang together.

And all of the time I felt the BREATH to be very present.

The breath to be within me,

the breath as a way to expand myself,

the breath to allow myself to open up, to feel safe within me, and to use this vehicle of my sweet body to also share with YOU……..

I realized, this time,

after I have consciously invited (again) the safe space to be everywhere,

that also the energy expanded into a very transforming kind of possibility we have now in the room. Embeded. Just to let go, the mind does not need to understand, what it is, that goes through transformation,

it just happens,


the change going on at excactly the place where it WANTS to transform anyway, though so sweet and soft and easy.


Just a……..move………to whatever is the next step already there, to be born and to be able to BE finally,

and on…………….

Dear Ones,

just take a breath, breathe the breath of the beauty you are……..

WE are…………

allow the breath to be FREE again.

All my love,



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