BreathingRoom II – the day after

It was a trifold Breathing experience on June 29.

I learn as everyone taking part, how everything works in the smoothest way, and how to expand the energy, further and further.

As already the week before I felt like clearly opening up the BreathingRoom and also closing it, so this is what I did shortly after 6pm and 10 pm. This opening and closing feels also like inviting and saying good bye again. It gives me the chance to connect to the energy of the BreathingRoom in a direct way, to feel and see its actual expansion.

This time I added a cosy little space with white cushions and a red carpet and red cushions also, very soft and sweet.

The first „official“ breathing was done by Cosmina.

We where the ones in the front row, though we both knew we are not alone.

Cosmina did a wonderful guided breathing through a space she has explored for quite some time now, we went through water and where flying and visiting a vulcano. She did it for the first time and I hope you will be able to experience her sweet and loving guidance as I was able to yesterday. It was simply wonderful and I learned a lot.

The second breathing was done by me sharing with Paula, the first physical guest of the BreathingRoom in Vienna. It was quite intense, in a way we both connected our energies closer to this space in Vienna, and I guided her to trust and expand. And to also allow some more of her soul into this earth, to ground it and to BE the beauty she is. I feel so thankful to the trust we shared when doing the breathing, which accompanied us through the rest of the shared time.

The third breathing was done by Paula, she was guiding me with something she knows on breathing. Her way took me on a trip throughout my body, and I liked it a lot, when my mind was a bit surprised about the feelings and images I had, because they felt so NEW. It was really a perplex way of feeling the wonderland within me she was helping me to see. And it left me relaxed „inside“ in a new way…

What I can share from this second breathingRoom is, that we are not alone,

maybe never where,

and still this is a new way of communicating,


we all learn how to BE it now,

I see my role as a placeholder for this space in Vienna, to ground it, to open and close it,

this role might change and change,

but I clearly feel it is not like a „job“, it is more that I go at the front,

and already, and from the beginning, there are quite some who go with me.

So if I was the one to ground the idea, to realize the spark I got on this day in April,

maybe we where quite some actually creating the spark, maybe in another time,

this might unfold also.

The chat room embeded in Skype clearly shows more of the energy going on,

Johanna-Merete showed up later, and we weren‘t surprised,

Paul showed up via private chat, and in a way he was there also.

I thank you all for sharing this voyage,

and I invite you (again) to step to the front row with me,

even if we seem not to know each other until now,

if you so choose,

share whatever you wish to share,

even if it is „only“ your presence,

and even if you only sent a message at the beginning of next Wednesday, that you will be there with whoever else is.

Led us expand this space, and create it in the way it serves us.


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