Our guest today: Cosmina Coman from Romania

The BreathingRoom starts at 6pm UTC+2 Viennese time,

I will open it up,

and Cosmina will make a breathing session with everyone participating

at 6.20 pm

So JOIN in, I am sure, it will be wonderful!!!


This is the message she sends to all of us:


Hello, I am Cosmina from Romania and I am so excited to share my breath with you.

As all of you I’ve been going through my own internal and external changes in the last few years and the breath, the deep, connecting, compassionate, melting breath has allowed this process to go smoother and deeper. The deep conscious breath allows you to connect with All that You Are! 

I invite you to come and share the gift of breath with me as we set up on this journey of self discovery. There are a lot of presents hidden in the sand for us to open up and enjoy in our daily lives. We will work with imagination and expansion within and beyond the physical body and mind.

The breath calms down the mind and invites the body to feel safe in the Now Moment and from this point of Presence in the Body you can expand beyond the mind.

I invite you to play with me as I am so excited to play with you.

The main focus will be dimensional leaping. I have done this for a while now, consciously, and I can guide you also now. It is just a matter of allowing ourselves to be aware. We are never only in 1 reality. We are always in several places at the same time and with this I invite you to open up and go on a guided journey into the limitless of joy, of expansion beyond the mind and experience Source Energy, experience Yourselves in a different way.

As I have done it, as i have opened myself to it and invited it into my life I can also guide you to begin allowing yourself to wake up more to who you truly are, wake up to a different dimension of you, a limitless dimension where Anything Is Possible. It is all about bringing it back here in our precious physical selves and start experiencing the magic.

I am looking forward to this my friends

From the Land of Merlin



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